Ibiza in 3 days | Pink places in Ibiza!

Ah Ibiza, you're not just a party island..

Ibiza - known as 'party island' for most, but to me - it was a beautiful island waiting to be discovered. AND more pink places to be discovered too! We went over for an engagement shoot, and they were lovely enough to show us around and also show us to some pink places! We only stayed on the island for three days, but we got to see a whole lot of it!

So I'll start off with our journey - the first day we chilled by the pool and got a tan, and then made our way around to window-shop (though I ended up doing some actual shopping - I bought some really cute high-heeled boots!). We had dinner with the couple who were so so lovely, and then got ready for the next day. 

They took us to some pretty magical places!
We got to see some of the Old town which was covered in cacti, old buildings, and beautiful greenery. 

On my list to go to was Bikini by Cathy Guetta. It was so beautifully decorated and pink was the theme of the restaurant. However, beware, it comes with a hefty price tag! They also only allow you to take pictures if you're actually eating there (a bit of a shame but at least it was beautiful!). It was pretty unlike anything we'd find in London (even though we are blessed to have lots of pink places!), so I definitely wanted to at least try it!

I mean, they had flamingo floats as one of the main features! 

And their pink bike location was probably my favorite place for photos. Of course, I had to have my outfit organized to match with it.

Of course, the path is lined with giant lollipops as well for your Instagram opportunity.

Later on, we made our way to Es Vedra for a gorgeous sunset. Honestly it was just such a beautiful place! If you want to get a good spot to sit and relax though, arrive early! It was flocked with people as it's one of the popular things to do around the island.

The next morning, we went to two locations that were left on my list. WikiWoo Hotel which I had recently found on Instagram, and the Paradiso hotel which I had heard about before it had opened. Let's start with WikiWoo. 

We went for breakfast at WikiWoo and I can't tell you how in love with this place I was. It was my absolute favorite of them all. The staff were friendly, the decor was just on point, and the food was yummy. Pink and blue chairs all around surrounding the tables, and palm trees lining the path. Wisteria covered pergolas and pink cushioned booths. Can you really ask for more? 

Nathan and I both had delicious wraps, which came lying on a plant leaf (which of course I was super impressed by - it's kinda hard not to impress me when my food comes on a giant tropical leaf lols)

But then... the pool. 


I can't even. It looked like it came out of a Baywatch movie, but more with a Palm Springs vibe in mind (with a dash of Legally Blonde on the side). It was the most gorgeous pool I'd ever been to, and couldn't describe how much I want that in my own house (Nathan?). 
After exploring a little more and walking around for more pictures, we made our way down to Paradiso.

And on our way to Paradiso we went...
And it looked like we had walked into a 50s movie.

Pink on pink on pink on pink. The swimming pool wasn't pink how I had imagined from the pictures unfortunately, but it was still beautiful nonetheless. You actually can't order anything from here if you're not staying at the hotel (we were looking to just get a drink), but they let us walk around and take pictures of the place. 

I would say Paradiso would've been amazing if we had stayed there, but I've gotta say WikiWoo was the top of my list for pink places in Ibiza. The island was so beautiful, that I would absolutely love to go back again someday and explore more. Have you been to Ibiza? Do you have any pink places you'd want to recommend me?

Nat xx

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