Disneyland Paris 2018


“GOOD MORNING IT’S DISNEY DAY!!” - me waking Chantelle up at 7:30 in the morning. 

On a Disney day, a loud awakening is appropriate. 
We were all a little groggy with hurting feet but nothing could stop our excitement for the day. 
Disney tunes on at the push of a button, curling irons on, and makeup scattered around - our day had begun. 
We got all our things ready and head down for breakfast that morning. A beautiful breakfast buffet awaited us with plenty of choice. We filled our tummies before grabbing our stuff and heading to the magical place of Disney. 

We started in Walt Disney Studios, different to every other time I’ve been because we aimed to start at the Studios while we predicted the majority of people would be heading to Magic Kingdom first. We tried to immediately go to Crush’s coaster and there was already a 55 minute wait?! It was nuts. So we made our way to the Tower of Terror which had a 10 minute wait and we all anxiously giggled because it was our first ride. We nervously piled on to the elevator, while the characters were all hilariously trying to scare us, and we clutched on to each other’s hands for dear life. The elevator dropped and out stomachs went with it! But as soon as we got off we were all exhilarated by our first ride, determined to go on as many as we could throughout the day! 

We made our way to Rock’n’Roller Coaster, while Jess made her way towards the food trucks for some Groot bread for us. The actual bread was already sold out, but the shortbread was available which was great for pics! 
We had such a blast on the Rock’N’Roller Coaster (my personal favourite). I nearly lost my Minnie ears on that ride but managed to step on them, as I had tucked them into my shoe! 
Side note, maybe have a bag big enough to fit your ears, or some sort of shoe where you can tuck them into, or maybe even wear something like a wrap dress or a wrap skirt like mine (you can find it on Shein), where you can tie your Minnie Mouse ears in between the bow to not lose them on the ride (thanks to Jess I think who had that brilliant idea). 

We continued on our way around the park, waiting for Crush’s coaster to be less of a waiting time but with no luck. We then made our way across to Magic Kingdom and started off with the amazing hyperspace mountain (favourite ride #3). The girls started to become hungry (I was still full on my breakfast) and we kept walking and decided to go on Big Thunder Mountain as it didn’t have much of a queue. We also made it to Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean before making our way to Pizza Bella Notte to have ourselves some pizza - I got the kids meal and mine came in an amazing Mickey Mouse shape! 
We then head off to go onto the Dumbo ride, developing the most strategised Dumbo-riding experience one may have ever heard of, so that we could get great pictures of each other riding. The tea cups was next, where again we strategised (ie decided to run) for the pink teacups. It’s such a gorgeous ride! Side note, in Fantasyland, in the cafe next to Pizza Bella Notte called Fantasia Gelato, they sell Mickey waffles all day apparently!! 

After, we made our way back to the Studios in hope that Crush’s Coaster waiting time had gone down, but we had to just bite the bullet with it and wait for 55 minutes. It was amazing and worth the wait! Chantelle & Jess wanted to watch the parade whereas Phoebe, Angelica, and I decided we wanted to give the Tower of Terror one last go before having to leave. 

We made our way back to Magic Kingdom because golden hour was arriving and it was the perfect time for photos! I bought my Mickey marshmallow and a cotton candy and off we went on our photo spree. Thanks to Phoebs for being such a champ and taking the majority of our photos!! 

Our time had finally come to an end as we needed to catch our train back to London that same night, and we all left already nostalgic for the amazing day we had, craving more time at Disney. We didn’t stop talking on the way back, though I did of course have to look through the photos eagerly enjoying the photos and reliving our day. 

Til next time Disney, we already can’t wait! 

Nat x

Proverbs 22:1: "Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold"

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