The Winter Forest Wonderland in London

London may not be Lapland, but it sure does have its own winter forest wonderland!

While I was searching for all things Christmassy in London (I'm a strong believer that London is one of the best places to spend Christmas!), I stumbled upon the Winter Forest at Broadgate London. I literally found it and was like, "THERE. I MUST GO" So I've managed to drag two people with me so far, Nathan, and then on another occasion, Angelica. Therefore, I also have two different cute outfits!

Let me introduce you to The Winter Forest. Once you come in, you come through a snowy pergola arch decked out as if you're about to step into a different world on the other side. And then, you find the bar & grill. On another side, you'll find the Hideaway, and the Tipi Cinema (yes a tipi cosy cinema!)

Super yummy hot chocolate!!
And, we also got the YUMMIEST Krauker cheese sausage. This sausage has cheese INSIDE. Mind-blown. Probably one of the best sausages I've ever tasted.

Okay, back to this gorgeous place.

As you circle around, you'll find yourself surrounded by a snow forest. Which is precisely where we decided to immerse ourselves into and take pictures.

This gorgeous beanie is so cozy and is from Primark! £4, can you believe it?!
Also, how cute is this white Daniel Wellington Petite Bondi watch that I'm wearing?! I thought it would only look cute when I was tanned but I was wrong! (although it looks much better on me when I'm tanned haha) So DW are also having an offer at the moment on their website called "holiday gifts for everyone" and you can choose two fave watch bundles (super cute & Christmassy) and you can get 10% off! Also, with my code, NATALYJENNINGS, you can get 15% off on top! It makes for amazing Christmas presents because they're so fancy-looking and beautiful!

Meet Angelica. Isn't she super adorbs? We finish each other's sentences and are both obsessed with pink. 

So I was super cheeky, and asked Angelica if I could borrow her coat. HOW CUTE IS IT?! It's actually from Zara Kids!! Um, yes, we fit into 13 year old clothes and SO TOTALLY LOVE THAT. As you can tell, I like a good bargain and I can totes find that in the kids section ;)

Hope you enjoyed this and if you have any time free, I would totally recommend you come to the Winter Forest! You can find it in Exchange Square in Liverpool Street.

Nat xx

Exodus 14:14, "The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm."

PS, can we just appreciate this verse ^ for a second? The Lord Himself will fight for us. He's got our backs. He's never going to let us down. All we have to do is stay calm and have faith that He's got it.  💖

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