Christmas London Bucket List 2017

So I've got a Christmas bucket list for London..

And I thought I'd share it all with you guys! Which ones do you want to do and which ones have you done? 
I love Christmas time. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, where we all gather together with families and friends and it's such a great time of year for everyone to show and know that they are loved and that they are valuable. I love celebrating the life of Jesus, our wonderful Savior, and I just love baking Disney stuff! I absolutely love seeing all the lights and all the gorgeous decor around London. It also is one of the most magical places to spend Christmas!

These are in no particular order, because I've wanted to do them all! There's still a few missing on here that I have yet to go to, so stay put because I'll update this one here in the next couple of days (or maybe I'll just wait for next year ;) ).

1. Play in the snow

In all the time I've lived in London, I haven't once been able to play in the snow (purely because it's never set) !! I literally loved seeing the snow a couple of days ago, and after taking some pictures, Nathan really had his fun throwing snowballs at me while I dodged them with my umbrella. This super cute dress is from SilkFred, and these boots are Stuart Weitzmann :)

2. Afternoon Tea 

This year, I chose BB Bakery's Christmas Afternoon Tea Bus tour around with my friends because I've been wanting to do it for a couple of years and we finally got to do it! It was such a lovely experience and this is probably the most British thing I love - afternoon tea. Their treats were yummy but I'd say you can definitely find better-tasting afternoon teas in other places in London - but this was definitely great for the experience! More on this one coming next week!

3. Ice Skating

I chose Canary Wharf Ice Rink thinking that it was overlooking Canary Wharf (woops lol) but it was still super fun! Ice skating in itself is so fun and there were a few children there but it was such a huge rink that you had plenty of space to skate. All the trees lit up were magical and Nathan had a lot of fun showing off his skills ;)

4. Check out the Ivy's

So I actually work alongside Early Hours, the beautiful florists who created all the magnificent pieces for all the Ivy's, and I've had such an amazing time being able to photograph all the gorgeous decor! They truly outdo themselves with such gorgeous Christmas decor.
The first is the Ivy Chelsea Garden & the Ivy City.

Next is the Ivy Marylebone, which besides the Ivy Chelsea, was my favourite for its classic and beautiful display!

Next is the Ivy West Street which is just decked out pretty awesomly.

And finally the Ivy Wimbledon that I can't get over its front!

Also right next to it in Wimbledon is Show Dry which is also by the Early Hours team and has such beautiful pink and gold Christmas decor.

 5. Roam around Covent Garden/Knightsbridge/Mayfair/Oxford Street area

Okay so I actually didn't finish roaming around Mayfair area but I absolutely love everything I've seen so far! I have yet to go down New Bond Street so I'll keep you guys updated on that one.

6. Have a drink at the Winter Forest

This one is such a good one. It's in Liverpool Street in Exchange Square, so you think it would be packed all the time, but it actually isn't! It's such a hidden gem for most people that I totally loved being able to enjoy some hot cocoa and take some super fun pictures.

7. Fondue at the Churchill's Winter Bar & Terrace

Lots of yum with fondue at this place. Super instagrammable and just all round festive vibes here as well as blankets and sheepskins to keep you cosy!

8. Have/make some yummy hot chocolate

So I actually made this nutella hot chocolate below and it was yum! I'll be making a festive drinks video next week so stay tuned for that! I'm also doing a blog post soon on London's best hot chocolates. Yum!

9. Make Disney cinnamon buns

I made these with Gimme Some Oven's recipe and it turned out pretty much exactly like Cinnabon's recipe! SO yum and I'll be sharing it on the blog soon. Super great for those festive treats vibes.

 10. Go to the Natural History Museum

Look at how cute the Natural History museum looks! Always a postcard picture here, especially on a beautiful day. I'd recommend ice skating here just for the most gorgeous scenery!

11. Roam around Winter Wonderland

When you live in London, you have to go to winter wonderland at least once (a year lol). All the fun packed in there with rides, Christmas markets, and super fun games. I didn't actually get to spend too much time there this year, but I'll reminisce on our other years spent there.

12. Finally, make some Disney Christmas waffles (or pancakes)

I'm actually quite happy with how these turned out and they tasted delicious! Super festive and yummy.

Of course, there are other things on my list such as watching Elf and watching cheesy Christmas movies enjoying some nice spiced apple juice and other wonderful things spent with family and friends, but for this year, these have been some of my faves. What's on your Christmas bucket list to do?

More festive stuff coming soon!
Love you all,
Nat xx

Proverbs 16:20, "Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the Lord will be joyful."
How awesome it is that we can trust our God and that we will be joyful because of it? His love for us is so great and I'm so grateful for that.

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