3 Days in Italy: Milan & Bellagio in Lake Como

We went to Italy for my husband's birthday and it was one of my favourite holidays..

First of all, Happy New Year!
How was your new year? I hope you all enjoyed it. I personally am definitely looking forward to this year, and I'm believing God has wonderful things in store for this year.

So, we took our flight to Milan - the Bergamo airport, having planned a trip to Milan. We literally arrived at our hotel - the Da Vinci Hotel. It was such a lovely hotel! More on that later.

Anyways, as soon as we arrived at the airport, we picked up a car (which I totally recommend if you're going to be doing a similar trip to ours! It would've cost roughly the same as hiring a car than to grab a taxi to our hotel!) and far far away we saw the little town of Bergamo which looked so beautiful. We decided to keep that in mind for our third day.
We hurried to the hotel, and made our way straight to the centre of Milan as it was already 2pm.

Once we got to Milan, I was genuinely not that impressed, not gonna lie. We took a walk around, but coming from the big city of London, their city centre just didn't impress me much. The Galleria di Vittorio Emanuele was really beautiful for its architecture, but Milan is mostly a city of art and shopping. We didn't want to explore much of either really at that time, except I found BATH & BODY WORKS people!!
I was so excited, we seriously need some over here in London! I bought a few hand sanitisers which make my hands smell like vanilla cookies and America at Christmas time and I was very pretty chuffed.
We had an amazing gelato over inside the Galleria - I got yogurt and lemon flavours. The yogurt was DELISH. Love yogurt gelato. We then moved on towards the castle which was just a stroll away. We had some dinner at a restaurant and took a look at shops, and then made our way back to the hotel to be ready for the next day in Bellagio.

I had seen Bellagio online when I was researching nearby places to go, and Bellagio popped out at me and screamed, "come visit me!"

On our way, we found this lovely place by the water and we just had to stop to take some photos. Practically the whole ride up was just super picturesque. 
As soon as we arrived in Bellagio, I could tell it was adorable. We saw this little café and I thought it was adorable. Most places were closed because Italy opens its restaurants between 12-3 and 3-7. But what was weird was that some places didn't even open at 12, it was like we had the whole place to ourselves as we were walking around. We walked around the cobbled streets which lined the whole town. There were restaurants, bars, and little shops as we would walk up and down, and amazing viewpoints. 

And then we passed the Pink House. It was pink, and it had palm trees surrounding it. I love a good pink house! 

We were on our way to Punta Spartivento and passed this lovely little pergola. 

We kept walking down to La Punta Spartivento and just gazed at the beautiful mountains together and had a sit down. It was just so peaceful and calm, and just such an amazing view point! And that pink villa won me over. Imagine waking up to this every morning! You can also see the Swiss mountains from there as Lake Como is almost right on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The mountains painted with sunshine were just such a beauty.

And finally, before we made our way to Como, we had to stop and grab a coffee, because that's the Italian way. I had a croissant, and Nathan had the muffin and coffee. It was just so lovely to watch the mountains being bathed in sunlight, and watching everyone loving the sunshine and coffees as much as we did. Bellagio was such an enriching town, it had its own little quaint characteristics, and was most certainly worth going there. We could've gotten the ferry to go to other towns on the other side of the lake, but we unfortunately didn't have enough time to do that. Menagio looked absolutely beautiful though.

Part Two coming soon!

Love you all,
Nat x

"For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." Isaiah 43:19

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