3 Days in Italy: Como & Bergamo

Oh la Bella Italia continues..

So after Bellagio, we drove down the coast headed straight for Como. I had researched Como and we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon & evening there. 

When we arrived, it had the loveliest Christmas market and ice skating rink, and narrow streets filled with festively decorated shop fronts. Oh how I love good Christmas decorations! We strolled around, walking past all the festive shops, cosy Christmas stalls, and stumbled upon some restaurants that we kept in mind for when we would make the loop back round to eat. The loop however, didn't take long as night settled in, and we went to the cosiest restaurant we found. It was in the middle of the centre, and the centre of Como lit up with projections of Christmas trees, angels, Santa Clause, and other festivities. It was so magical and so beautiful. We took a seat at the restaurant and I immediately grabbed the blanket and sat next to the heater to warm up. We ordered Parma ham & Gorgonzola pizza, and it was literally the best decision! 
Italy boasts of the best pizza I have tasted in the world as of yet, so delicious! After chilling, we were ready to go back to to the hotel and get ourselves ready for our last day in Italy.

Now, the hotel we stayed in was amazing. Nathan found it and I was impressed. It was a 4* Hotel, and it was decorated so differently to what I've seen before, but I loved it! We got free breakfast, of which there was a buffet, and I literally ate my weight in it, I barely ate much the rest of the day! I don't know if it was on sale, but we got it for £40 a night! What a bargain! It's about a 7 minute walk from the Comasino station. 

And so, on our last day, we checked out and decided we would go over to Bergamo. We drove to what they call the "Citta Alta" and climbed up the many, many steps. It was worth it for the beautiful town! It was a small town, but tourists seem to love it. We took a stroll down the narrow streets that boasted beautifully lighted garlands and lovely Christmas decor. Italy does Christmas really well!
As we walked, we stopped at shops and remembered to come back, and Nathan also found a beautiful church towards the centre. Oh my word, the insides were marvelous! Every inch of the ceiling was covered with fantastic art and gold. The pictures don't quite capture it!

As it was almost time to leave, Nathan wanted to grab a coffee and sit down during the time we had left. I wanted some sweet treats and made my way to Il Fornaio, and got some mini cream of milk canolis and hazelnut filled Sfogliatines. They were SO DELICIOUS!! The lovely lady behind the counter warmed it up to just the right amount of crisp where the flakes would immediately melt in my mouth as the already-melted hazelnut would burst flavour all over it. WHERE ARE THESE IN LONDON?! I'm going to find a recipe and I'm going to make them at some point. 
We also had a pizza from this amazing place before we left, and it was another one of Parma ham and Gorgonzola. It was delicious with every bite as the melted cheese was so fluffy and warm and the taste was so well balanced along with the parma ham. 
Ah, it was so dreamy. 
Then, on we went to the airport to get ready for our flight home. But I must say, Bellagio, Como, and Bergamo welcomed us well, and we have left with only wonderful memories of it. 

I definitely recommend you take a trip to these, I'm sure that in the summer, you can also swim in the lake of Como! There are also other little towns across the water that you can catch a ferry to, we just didn't have enough time to see all of them! They are all well worth a visit!

Love you all, 
Nataly x

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." 1 Peter 5:7

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These pictures are absolutely amazing! Looks like you had a great time.


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