Pink Cafes: Sel et Sucre in Windsor

A new pink cafe has come near London..

I first found Sel et Sucre on Instagram - I believe I just stumbled upon them. Ever since then, I had been wanting to go! If you know me, you know that palm trees and cherry blossoms are my fave trees. So when I saw that they had a cherry blossom tree inside their cafe, I knew I wanted to visit!

So we took the day before we went down to Bournemouth to stop by Windsor and see Nathan’s uncle. And of course we had to meet at Sel et Sucre! 

Unfortunately they’re not dog friendly FYI, but you can sit outside and eat. So we had little belle outside and came in for some pictures. 

I ordered the cotton candy waffle because I just felt like I HAD to try it! It was a bubble waffle with cotton candy ice cream on top, cotton candy syrup, and actual cotton candy and marshmallows surrounding. Huge sugar rush, but what can I say, I have a total sweet tooth!
The interiors are really cute. Set in the heart of Windsor just a street away from Windsor castle (you can find Windsor castle’s exit on the end of the road - absolutely beautiful!)
It's a gorgeous place and worth a stop by if you're around Windsor!

Overall, we had a lovely time and I'd recommend this cute place!

Nataly xx

"Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love." - Ephesians 4:2



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An absolutely incredible place to visit when you're in Windsor. Love the colours :)


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