London's BEST Hot Chocolates

Wanna know where to get your good hot chocolate fix in London? I've got you covered!

London's best hot chocolates. Are you ready for them?!

So these have been tried and tested by yours truly along with my wonderful friends and I think I can say that I'm pretty confident that these are the stand-out, running-the-show hot chocolates. 

Fortnum's Hot Chocolate

Okay, so this is Fortnum's hot chocolate. You can find it at the Parlour in Fortnum & Mason, or you can find them at Fortnum's Lodge in Somerset House over the Christmas season. It's got a bit of a hefty price tag on it (£5.95 + 50p for the marshmallows) for a hot chocolate, but it's pretty worth it! I got the milk hot chocolate (because why would I get any other?!) with salted caramel marshmallows. I'm not a huge fan of nuts in my drink so Nathan bit off what essentially was the salted caramel off the marshmallow, but it's safe to say I was really pleased and it was actually quite filling for a hot chocolate! they come in these gorgeous copper cups which are totally fave. 

Ruby Violet

So, next we've got Ruby Violet. This is more for the dark chocolate lovers I'd say. I was pretty pleased with it considering I'm not the biggest fan of dark chocolate, so I decided to add quite a bit of milk with it instead of having it just "short and intense" as it's called. It comes with these adorable cups and cute biscuits and some honeycomb/other bits and pieces so you can scoop it on top. It's not my total fave purely because it's not milk chocolate, but I'd say all you dark chocolate lovers will be reallyyyy impressed. You can find them in Kings Cross and in Kentish Town.

Chin Chin Labs

Alright now this one is totally one my faves. It comes with SO much marshmallow on top and it's torched and it's just so fluffy and delightful. The hot chocolate itself is probably a bit bitter (again, more on the slightly dark chocolate side) but the marshmallow compliments it really well with its wonderful sweetness. I would definitely say I'm impressed with it (mostly with that marshmallow because it's SO AMAZING) and I can't wait for warmer vibes to be able to try out all their ice creams. You can find them in Camden and in Soho.

Mamason's Dirty Ice Cream

Now this is slightly different but my absolute favourite of them ALL! Ube hot chocolate. Ube is this purple yam that comes from the Philippines and is popularly used in their desserts. I was really skeptical because of it being a vegetable, but YOU GUYS. I'M SO PLEASED. It's sweet, purple and pink, and just so delightful. My taste buds were having a party. PLUS they have the most gorgeous interiors and they're so instagrammable so really, it's a win-win. You can find them in Camden and I highly recommend them. Plus - if it's a vegetable - is it really that bad for you? ;)

Montague Ski Lodge

Ah, the beloved ski lodge. I went there last year and this year and fell in love with the place. I'm going to be totally honest with you guys though. Last year's hot chocolates were better than this year's because of the different flavours (um caramel & gingerbread flavours?! YES PLEASE) but this year's normal hot chocolate is pretty darn good too. The vibes are amazing and I can't describe how gorgeous it is inside! They also put in some "snow" (actually just foam) but you can get some totally GORGE pictures there. You can find them around the corner from the British Museum.

Said Dal

Last but not least, the triple chocolate hot chocolate. Yup. It's pretty tasty. It's made out of pure melted chocolate and you can order it with triple chocolate on the outside so you can have all the flavours. I recommend the milk chocolate one out of all of them, but the hazelnut one is also tasty! Out of the actual hot chocolates (and not vegetable hot chocolates lol), I'd deem this the winner. You can find them in Soho.

Hope that's helpful for all your Christmas chocolate cravings and I'll be back with some more festive stuff soon!

Nat xx

"For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever." - Psalm 100:5


Joyful Dreams

Thanks for these adresses girl! I never tried any of them but I can't wait to try :)

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I have a sweet tooth for hot chocolates and simply loved it...I am so trying them once I get the chance...

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