Sunrise at Duck and Waffle

The other day, my boyfriend and I went to Duck and Waffle to watch the sun rise. Oh what a fantastic view!

I asked him the night before if we could go to watch the sun rise from the 40th floor of the Heron tower and have a nice coffee. So he came to pick me up.

When we arrived, dawn was just cracking. We had some coffee and ordered our food. 

What a cute little table! The restaurant views over London were beautiful.

Our food arrived, and it was delicious! I had the apple cinnamon waffle, and he had the Columbian eggs which was with organic eggs, toast, avocado, and smoked salmon (or grilled chorizo). 

The apple and cinnamon waffles tasted very yummy! They were delicious. But I must admit, if you have an appetite, these are not the most filling. Their portion is small. Thankfully I wasn't starving so it did just right for my stomach. 

The colombian eggs on the other hand, tasted amazing! Oh my word, the flavour fireworks burst in my mouth when I tried it. I'm glad we generally always have a variety, but he always seems to make the better choice in food! Silly me. 

We had a lovely time watching the sun rise, it was absolutely beautiful. That is definitely the best time to go up there if I can recommend it, it isn't super busy, and what better place to watch the sun rise in London than one of the tallest restaurants? 

Love you all,

Psalm 34:8



I just bloody love duck and waffle. It's the perfect place in London for any occasion. xx


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