My Acne Story

I used to have the worst acne, and it made me feel so insecure about myself...

I used to have so much acne, and it hurt so bad. Most of it was because of hormones, and I had tried pretty much everything from spot creams and facial creams, but nothing would make it go away. I thought I'd share how I got rid of it with you guys.

I had heard of something called Roaccutane and my parents saw how badly I needed it. We went to Brazil and they prescribe it there normally, so I booked in with the dermatologist. You can also get it prescribed in the UK of course, but you can either go through the NHS which can take up to 8 weeks I believe, or you can get it through a dermatologist (I had no knowledge of this back then). Anyways, so I went to the dermatologist in Brazil, and she actually said to me, "wow you really need Roaccutane don't you!" haha, what a confidence boost that was!
Thankfully, after months of being on it, my acne went away! What a miracle it was, thank God! However, it did have side effects like my skin was so dry for such a long time. It has a variety of side effects on different people, but mine was just that everything was so dry. I had to keep putting on chapstick all the time and moisturising like crazy! I still have to moisturise like crazy until today, but it's not so bad (unless I don't have any lotion on me!)
But I'm so thankful for the results because look at how amazing it is!

Not gonna lie though, I do occasionally still get the occasional spot but that just depends on what I'm eating - say, if I eat too much chocolate haha.

To go alongside Roaccutane, I used to put this cream on called Duac that helped make the spots go away as well. And for my maximum coverage foundation, it was definitely not a liquid foundation! Until today, I use Laura Mercier mineral powder with the mac 168 brush. I had tried so many foundations but I have to tell you, this is the one that gave me the most coverage. 

I hope that all of you who have bad acne will know that your acne can go away and your face can feel fresh again, no matter how bad you think it is!
Your skin can and will clear up! 
Ask your doctor about Roaccutane if your acne is really bad, but please try Duac first! I was on Roaccutane for 6 months so it took a while before my acne went away, and it is a hardcore antibiotic.
Also, Laura Mercier mineral powder is quite expensive but I can assure you, it is definitely worth its price. Go to your nearest John Lewis, and ask for them to put it on you and see if you're satisfied with the coverage. I was not disappointed!
Make sure you also get the right moisturiser for your skin, depending on how dry and oily it is, and make sure you get facial moisturisers, not just a whole body moisturiser. 
PS, please don't pick your spots! They do actually leave marks if you pick them too much.
Hope this encouraged you guys!

Love you all!

Luke 8:25

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