A Disney Dream

Clubbing on your 21st? Nah, Disneyland is so much better.

For years, I had wanted to do something big for a birthday. Most specifically, Disneyland. While most teenagers dream of clubbing or having a Sweet 16/18/21, my dream was to walk down Main Street. And time and time again, I would plan to go for the day, and for some reason it never worked. 

But finally!
At last, on my 21st, my dream of a Disneyland 21st came true, thank God!

The day began and I was ready to go! When we arrived at the park, this magical building stood in front of us. 

I was keen on finding all the places on the map we wanted to go to.

We arrived at the Sleeping Beauty castle, and wow was it beautiful! May I add, I had prayed for perfect weather, not too hot not too cold, and with some sunshine. What a blessing the weather was!

Boy was it amazing! We went on a rollercoaster first.
After that, we went inside the castle, and they had so many cool glass sculptures and Christmas decorations and so many wonderful things! I really loved the flower in there.

We then went on around Fantasyland, which was of course, my favourite, because pretty much everything there was pink. 

We then went to the tea cups ride, and I also got on the carousel. 

Before we headed over to the Hollywood Studios, I had my eye on the fluffy pink cotton candy. I couldn't resist having it. (*insert IT'S SO FLUFFY Agnes voice*)

We headed on over to Hollywood Studios.

We went on the Rock'n'Rollercoaster and The Tower of Terror and other thrilling rides. But I didn't get pictures of any of those, even though my shocked facial expressions were ones for potential framing. I saw the Mary Poppins umbrella, and I was blown away.

We also explored the land of Toy Story. The little girl was not as amused as I was.

And also went on the Ratatouille ride.

By the end of the day, we still wanted to go on more rides! But it had finally come time to watch the fireworks at the castle. And they were amazing! 

What a wonderful day it turned out to be, I miss it already! 
I definitely recommend this for your next birthday, or any day of the year. Next time, I would love to go for Christmas! 
That's all for now folks, can't wait to keep updating the blog with wonderful recommendations.
Ciao for now!

Matthew 14:31



How fun! Happy belated birthday.

Coco Cami

Lovely photographs, thank you for sharing. Disneyland is always a good idea! Belated Happy Birthday :)

Camille xo



These pictures are adorable! Looks like a lovely time :)


Bold Bliss

These photos just exude "joie de vivre"! Really a lovely post! I'm planning a trip to Disneyland Paris next year and it was nice to get in the mood already :)

Bold Bliss

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