Luss, Scotland - A gorgeous village in Loch Lomond!

Luss is such a dreamy village in Loch Lomond..


Ah, the Scottish Highlands. I absolutely love the Scottish Highlands - the landscape is just so dramatic, it’s incredible! Our family has a couple of AirBnb’s in the Loch Lomond area, so we got to stay there - so I thought I’d share a Loch Lomond guide with you all! I'll be doing a few separate blog posts to not overwhelm you with everything we got done. So I thought I'd start off with one of my faves, Luss!

I’ve been to Loch Lomond a couple of times with Nathan before, but we’ve only ever stayed about 3 days at a time. This time, we went with friends, and stayed for about a week - giving us plenty of time to explore! First up, on this blog post we have Luss. Luss is the one little town that I’ve been wanting to go to for ages. I’d seen it on Instagram when I was researching the area, and it looked so idyllic! It reminded me a lot of the Cotswolds, but just with a Scottish feel to it! Gorgeous little cottages with flowers all over them, and a beautiful lake with mountains surrounding it on all sides. It was amazing to just walk in the sunshine down this small little village always peeping at the next pretty thing. We stopped by Coach House for some coffee and an afternoon snack, of which I had the most delicious toffee pecan shortbread. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Normally, outside of our current situation of a pandemic, you can go and eat indoors as well, and it looks lovely!

We did a little bit of wandering around the small little village, of which there isn't WAY too much to see but it's wonderful nonetheless and you can quite easily spend the day there enamored with its beauty and having a slow morning. We found that you can hire canoes and kayaks! We really wanted to, but we did have Belle with us, so maybe next time! Definitely would recommend it though if you get a chance to get down there!

Up next is Callander! 


Nat xx

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1 Corinthians 16:14


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