I love you from my head tomatoes

Our first (married) Valentine's! 

We had to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday because #churchwifelife. 

But I'm totally cool with that, we had such an awesome day!
So, back at Christmas time, I bought Nathan an experience for us to both go chocolate tasting. He's a major chocaholic and sometimes prefers experiences rather than physical gifts - uh, perfect present!
So, lo and behold, I found on Truly Experiences, a chocolate tasting experience for two at Artisan Du Chocolat. 


They brought us over a variety of different chocolates. They were all couture chocolates, some that were featured in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Claridge's, one that was made for the 3 Michelin Star chef Heston Bluementhal, and others that were just exotic. 
My first one was a milk chocolate coated apple crumble chocolate. It had a sort of jelly inside, and I relished in its taste. Apple Crumble + chocolate.. who would've thought that made such a lovely combination? There was also another one that was pecan & cinnamon, and you could just taste a hint of cinnamon, as if it was made to linger, but not too much. 
They also poured us a pure melted hot chocolate. It seems that I'm on a bit of hype over pure melted chocolate these days, but what other kind of hot chocolate is acceptable? 
They also had delightful other chocolates that we tried. 



After we had a delightful chocolate tasting, with different chocolates bursting of different flavoured fireworks in our mouths, we got the chance to take some home. 
Oh, the choice!

We ended up getting a large box of O's, but I so totally want to go back and try the pearls - they looked so beautiful and had the most wonderful sounding flavours (pomegranate inside a red pearl?! yes please!)
We then went off to Oxford Street, and did a little bit of shopping, and I had detected this door from Quintessentially Flowers - what an amazing display!

We had such a lovely time spending the day together. Valentine's Day isn't just about the gifts or what you do, but being able to spend time with the one you love. And for all of you who don't have a special someone in your life at the moment - I hope you spend today knowing that you're all beautiful and absolutely lovely! Next year, I would totally love to celebrate a Galentine's Day as well! 

Love you all,
Nat xx

Hebrews 4:16 - "So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most."

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