Engagement photos, outfit, and update!

So my friend Will from Vitae Photography did some photos for us... 

And boy are they pretty!
The shallow depth of field and the editing is all on point! 
Vitae photography are incredible and have the most amazing watches! 
I've been wanting some photos done for a while, in the build up to the wedding. The wedding is really not that far off, and I'm just getting super excited! 
I feel like I've been busy busy busy, but I'm totally loving the process and I know it's all gonna be worth it. I've gotten a lot of it organised, but I don't really want to reveal it all just yet ;)
There's quite a few DIY things, and I'm getting into modern calligraphy loads now! I so want to do a workshop, because I want my invitations to feature them :) 
I'm sure you'll end up finding calligraphy posts up soon! 
Also, as another yay update, i don't know if most of you know, but my fiancé has a Photobooth business called Photobooth in the City and we are now expanding to Northern Ireland woohoo!
So if you ever need a photo booth, you'll know who to call.
I'll keep you guys posted on the whole process, maybe dreamy honeymoon destinations will come up as a blog post soon?! 
But for now, here are some of our engagement photos, I just had to share them after the amazing job that Vitae did!

So this pink sweater is such a gorgeous colour. And the shoes! 
I'm feeling a totally pastel spring season coming up, and I'm all about the pinks. 
The shoes are actually from primark cause I'm all about that #bargain. 
And the sweater is from M&Co Fashion, jeans are the Joni's from Topshop, and the watch is Vitae London

That's it for now my lovely friends.
I'll be back with dreamy honeymoon destinations, market brunches, and other posts soon 😊

Love you all,

Romans 5:20-21



1) shoes are beyond gorgeous
2) where did you get your watch from?
3)have you thought of a career in modelling for clothes and stuff?


This outfit is so nice! Love the fashion lip it goes so well! xx


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