Baking with Baked Blessings + How I Asked My Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour

January is quickly coming to an end! Which means my wedding is coming very shortly..

First, let's start off with who I asked first. I was in Northern Ireland so I thought I should totally ask Nathan's sister to be my bridesmaid first. I mean, we're gonna be sisters now right?! Woohoo!

So I asked for the lovely help of Baked Blessings to help me come up with something creative. Because of course, Nic (the lovely owner and baker of Baked Blessings) bakes, she gave me the wonderful idea of baking and putting it in this super cute box. She even taught me how to decorate it, I was so happy!

MMM don't they just look mouthwatering tasty!
We took the cupcakes out of the oven and let them cool down. 
We began preparing the decorations and the box decor, and then just began to decorate! 

She taught me how to pipe the frosting on and how to make the bow and all those decorations using fondant icing. 
Isn't she just incredible?! If you're in Northern Ireland and want to learn how to bake, having a class with Baked Blessings is the way forward!
Perhaps in the future I'll do another class with her and document every part of the process.

So I piped on the icing and my bow was amazing after the third attempt!
And voila! 

I placed marshmallows down at the bottom to secure the cupcake and to make it look amazing.
I wrapped it up nice and tight and put a bow around it and attached a gift tag I made saying "Will you be my bridesmaid?" 
I was attempting calligraphy and failed. But on a side note, I've now gotten into calligraphy. I have a pen, nib, and ink! Wow I'm so excited to create so many things! Just small online tutorials have helped so much and now I can hardly resist picking up the pen. So awesome!

Anyways, here's the finished product. And thankfully, Sarah said yes!

So a bit of a confession. The next person I asked was Naomi, but her cupcake didn't turn out quite as pretty because I did it in a rush and back at home. I also didn't get to ask my best childhood friend Ana and my sister Beca in cute ways because they live so far away in America.

So.. next up I sent Chantelle a little package surprise in the post.

She phoned me up and said hi and immediately was like, "YES! yes yes" I love making people feel loved, and so I thought, I want to ask my bridesmaids in cute ways so that they feel special as well.

Finally, we have my maid of honor, Joyce. 
I had the same concept I had for Sarah and Chantelle's one and combined them both. 

So cute, and thankfully she also said yes!

I now have all my bridesmaids and that's one step done :)
So excited for all the rest of the planning to come together!

If you're married or if you're getting married, how did/will you ask your bridesmaids?
Any ideas?

Love you all,

Colossians 2:14-15
^Now this one's amazing guys. Have a read!!



Ohh such gorgeous ideas, love the cupcakes!

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Nataly Jennings

thank you lovely! xx

Sarah Jennings

This is beautiful, and the cupcake was too ;) I can't wait to have you as my sister! xxx


What a sweet idea! I think I just sent my friends one of those cute 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid' cards, but cupcakes would have been much nicer!

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