2016 Resolutions, Wedding Planning, and the Best Boots Ever

Hello 2016! We have started the new year, and I'm excited for what's to come...

So, let me just start off with a hi!
How was your new years? 

So this year, I have a few resolutions. And one of the questions I get asked most is, "how's the wedding planning going?" 
But first, let me start with my finds and the best boots ever!

This turtleneck and this skirt are both from Hollister. "What, really?!"
Yes, Hollister have changed up their game and are bringing in some super cute things.
This faux leather skirt is so cute, and makes such a great match with this striped comfy turtleneck.

But what I'm totally in love with are these boots. 
The Highland Stuart Weitzman boots have been smashing it out there, the must-have boots of the season. I've always wanted them because they looked like they fit like a glove!

Oh my word, and they so do!
My fiancé surprised me with them this Christmas, and boy was I grateful!
They fit like a glove, the packaging is great, and the suede and the insides are on point.
They are comfortable enough to wear for a lot of the day!

If you're on more of a budget and are looking for an alternative that you don't have to hike up ALL THE TIME like most on the market, then here's some from SpyLoveBuy for you. They are so great, and fit great as well! I have a pair in grey.

So 2016!
Does anyone ever stick out the new years resolutions?
This is the thing, I'm not having a new years resolution, I'm having a wedding resolution.
And a honeymoon resolution.
And a married life resolution.
So basically, I'm having a life resolution!
With our wedding fast approaching, I've realised there are some things I want to get ready so that when I look back I'll know I've tried my best. 

I have four main ones. I want to start having an actual cleansing, toning, and moisturing skin routine because let's face it sometimes I get lazy and don't feel like doing that. I want to start glowing.

I'm also starting to juice more often. If you don't have a juicer, I recommend you get one. You get all your 5 a days in a couple of juices a day, your skin starts glowing, your hair gets thicker and your nails break less, and your whole body just feels nourished. I'll probably do a blog post about the benefits of juicing and different juices at some point in the next few months.

I'm actually going to work out more often! Working out is so great but sometimes I get lazy or I just get so busy that I can't be bothered to take out a spare 15-30 minutes to work out. I want to make it a habit to work out 3 times a week, maybe I'll do a 3 min gym video for you guys to use in your busy schedules!

Finally, I want to keep following my dreams. Sometimes life gets so busy, but I believe that God put me here on earth for a reason and sometimes I'm really fearful which stops me as well, but I want to put the hard work and commitment and fearlessness into what I'm passionate about.

Anyways, wow, SO much writing! Ha.

Wedding planning is going great, I'm going to try on dresses soon and I'm so excited! I'll be doing some wedding planning blog posts, with some inspiration that I'm taking.
Thank you Sarah for my AMAZING wedding planner. It is SO helpful!

That's it for now,

Love you all,

Romans 15:13
"I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit."



so stylish!! :D love the boots! :D

Have a great day!
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Those boots are gorgeous! I love the Stuart Wietzman style but was worried they would keep falling down.

Ashleigh | www.quintessentiallyme.co.uk


love love love


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