Hello Big Ben

So recently, I've fallen in love with Autumn/Winter fashion. More specifically, over the knee boots..

It's really chilly at the moment, but this knit dress is so perfect for winter or spring!
I'm totally in love with over the knee boots, especially grey ones!

This pretty little dress is perfect for winter paired with over the knee boots.
These over the knee boots, you can find it over at SpyLoveBuy.com 
They fit so well on your legs, because I had another pair that kept falling all the time! 
And this is a cheap alternative to the Stuart Weitzman ones, and these fit so well and mold more to your leg.

This pretty little knit dress is the Honey Beige dress is from Newer than Now, and I'm totally in love with it!

The jacket is also from Lotus leather, but I would also pair this outfit with a waterfall coat for sure!

The next outfit is all black paired with the same over the knee boots.

This super cosy sweater is actually from Primark! £12! What a bargain!

The jeans are from Jack Wills, the watch is from Michael Kors, and the sunglasses are from TK Maxx.

I'll be uploading more outfit posts soon but these are a couple of my favourites! 
Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Thank you to my boyfriend for the beautiful photos!
So what's your ultimate Vegas outfit?

Love you all,

Romans 8:32

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