A London Guide to Parents

So my parents came up for the day to London the other day, and I was like, "WHERE ARE WE GOING?!"

We started off where I live, near Canary Wharf, by having some breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. I had a matcha latte, and I can definitely crown them for having the best matcha lattes (so far) in the city.

Also, mom, I know you hate this picture, and I'm sorry. But, let's face it, this picture is gold and describes you both perfectly! Haha.

I know my parents wanted to go to some museums, and I just thought it was such a great (and free!) option for when parents are coming to visit.

We started off at the V&A museum. And on our way I found a pink house and had to stop and take a picture!

Jacket - Lotus Leather.
Jeans - Topshop.
Cosy turtleneck - Primark.
Bag - Redherring.
Boots - Camden.

My mom was fascinated just fascinated by the Michelango pieces. 

We continued on, and found ourselves looking at how people dressed throughout history.

We were on our way to find something to eat, but I just had to take a quick picture of the Natural History museum. The lights are looking beautiful!

After that, we went to face the queue to get inside to the Mademoiselle Prive by Chanel exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Quite frankly, I don't think it was worth an hour and a half wait, but it was interesting anyway. 

We made our way through, and we found a quite interesting room where they had lots of textured fabrics hanging down as if they were curtains and playing movies behind them.

We continued on to see more of what they had in store. This room was about the fragrance of Chanel no. 5 and each pod opened and smelled like it. 

We finished up looking at the rest of the rooms, which were quite interesting such as her jewelry (I didn't manage to get good quality pictures unfortunately). Some rooms were slightly bizarre. The exhibition was interesting, but I definitely don't think it was worth waiting in a queue. 

We finished our journey by having some food and filling our tummies.

I personally think museums are probably the best places to take your parents (who haven't been there before) as they will be quite intrigued! I have a variety of food places to recommend, but I'm sure you'll be hearing about them on my blog soon enough.

Love you all!

Mark 4:39-41

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