Paris is always a good idea

Our last day in Paris was lovely, and I had the biggest lemon meringue I've had in my life...


Before I start with my last day, I have to tell you about the crepes we got on our first night there. They were from Au P'tit Grec, which I found on Buzzfeed, and they were yummy!

Just look at how that cheese melts! So yummy, and super cheap if you're looking for cheap food in Paris. It's near Notre Dame.

Anyways, so on our last day, we awoke and went to see the Eiffel Tower. I had on a super cute dress and I was ready for photos to be taken haha.

My dress is from Zara, boots are from a shop on Camden High Street in London, bag is from Primark, and finally, the watch is Michael Kors.

We then went on a boat ride around Paris.

The boat ride was lovely, it was just a shame we had clouds that day! But it was beautiful and relaxing. 

But oh-ho-ho. I had found this place called Le Loir Dans la Théière, and the lemon meringue pie. I hardly have words for it. JUST LOOK AT IT 

Look at the meringue. I had no words for it. 

The meringue was so soft and fluffy and melted in your mouth, and the lemon meringue was zingy and crispy. 

After this, we went to Sacre-Coeur to chill, look over the beautiful city of Paris and look around the shops for souvenirs. 
We tried to take a picture, and someone got in the way. I thought it was hilarious.

I fell in love with all the paintings there. One day, I will come back and I will buy some. They're all so unique and charming, you won't find some like these everywhere you go.

We finished the day off by going back on the boat to the Eiffel Tower and watching it sparkle. The sparkling was magical. We also saw a variety of performances from people, and it just inspired me to keep doing what I love doing.

We'll be back soon, Paris. 

Love you all,

Psalms 27:13


Bold Bliss

These photos really bring me in the atmosphere! Love the feminine pink dress and that lemon meringue looks damn impressive! :)

Bold Bliss

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