Finn Lough, Northern Ireland ✨Bubble Dome + Lakeside Villa Staycation!

 4 years ago, I found this magical place and have wanted to stay ever since...

Finn Lough Bubble Dome

I had fallen in love with this bubble dome resort 4 years ago when I found it online. The thought of staying inside a bubble with incredible views outside, where you could fall asleep while the wind caressed tree branches and stars came out to sing made me dream. 

And finally, this year, we got to stay at this beautiful resort!

A few years ago we had stayed at the lakeside villas, but never got a peak at the bubbles. So, finally arriving, I was so excited! We arrived and were welcomed with beautiful lake views and nature surrounding us. We were offered lovely welcome drinks at the reception, and whisked away on a golf buggie to our destination. 

The bubble domes are very private, all in a little 'neighborhood' as I'd like to call it, but with long winding pathways and their own gates. No one can see you in your dome, so you're offered complete privacy. Stepping in, we had to make sure that we only opened one door at a time, to make sure the bubble wouldn't deflate. And when you walk in, you're greeted by a lovely room with its own window into nature..

It's almost as if you're watching another world, from the comfort of your home. Birds nesting and singing all around, begging you to stay and enjoy awhile. We grabbed some tea and had some of their lovely complimentary macaroons (which were absolutely delicious!).

I was desperate for an elimination of hurry in my life, craving mainly a nap. So nap, I did! It was wonderful to be able to switch off, and NAP. How often do we find time to nap in this busy world? 
But we also enjoyed just lying on the bed, enjoying time watching nature. 

Later on, we made our way towards the restaurant, where we were treated to a gorgeous 3 course meal..

I started off with a goats cheese tart, and Nathan had the king of all of our meals that night - the pork belly with pineapple chutney and bacon chips. The restaurant is where the owners', Gillian and Michael, dad had his workshop. They turned it into The Barn, where we can enjoy their slow food, sourced locally and seasonally. As they described it, you are 'nourished by nature'. Ah, isn't that what we just need sometimes! 

Moving on to the main course, Nathan had the beef sirloin, and I had the wild mushroom risotto. The risotto rice was so beautiful and creamy - so tasty! And then finally, moving onto dessert, Nathan had the chocolate ganache with honeycomb, and I had the sticky toffee pudding.

Once our tummies were satisfied and had finished our lovely meal in this cozy Barn, we made our way back to our dome to enjoy the wind knocking against the trees. Unfortunately, we didn't have a clear night, which I'm sure would've taken the experience to another level! But I love white noise, so falling asleep to the branches swaying in the wind, and watching the moon rise from its slumber and play tag with the sun, was just delightful!

In the morning, we woke up to having a lovely breakfast delivered to our door in a beautiful picnic basket. Bacon baps, orange juice, granola, fruit, yogurt, and deliciously filled muffins graced our stomachs for the morning. The muffins are still on my mind today, each with their own filling - mine was toffee apple, and felt like I had bit into an autumn day. 

Soon it was time for check out, from the bubble dome to the lakeside villa, but with a pitstop at the Elements spa trail...

We began by arriving at the spa trail, which was ingrained in the forest. We put on our robes, our swimsuits, and shoes, and got ready to go to the flotation pool. It's so tranquil and peaceful, embedded in nature, and with calming sounds playing in the background ready for you to relax to. 

Moving on to the lakeside sauna, you have a gorgeous lake that graces your eyes as you get into the hot sauna. The lake and a cold shower are outside, ready to blast you with cold as you switch between the warmth and the chill (which is really great for your body to release serotonin and really be able to relax!). I've also been told that immersing in cold water gets the oxygen pumping around your body, and does wonders to rejuvenate your skin, preserving your skin for youth (so you know I'm going to want to do that so I can look like JLo at 50!! haha)

We then moved along to the aromatherapy sauna, which smells delightful with lemons and lavender soaking the air. Next was the hot tub, with beautiful views of the lake. Our favorites were definitely the lakeside sauna and the hot tub. 

We finished off our time in this relaxation room, with wide windows like a TV into nature, a log burner, and chilling sections to be able to read and grab a cup of tea. All of the spa trail is designed so that you experience it by yourself (and whoever you're with), which really gives it the feeling that the entire spa is yours. It's amazing!

We then moved onto check into our lakeside villa, which has incredible views over the lake. 
Coming in, it's split off into two sections, taking a few steps down into the living room and patio, or a few steps up into the kitchen, room, and bathroom. It's so beautifully designed, championing the view of the lake and nature! 

The patio is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the views, while the living room feels cozy with its log burner. The kitchen is filled with natural light, which is perfect, and the room has a window looking up into the sky, perfect to watch the stars shining at night.

In the evening we had a lovely dinner from a nearby takeaway, where I had a burger with MOZZARELLA STICKS inside (um yes I realise I've just blown your mind with this prospect now), and we cuddled up with the game they provided us of 100 conversation starter questions, and watched the Netflix movie Let it Snow. 

In the morning, we finished our stay with the lovely breakfast hamper again. I was sad to check out as there was still so many things to do on the property like kayaking! But that's okay because it means we just need to come back. 

Nataly xx

"My heart has heard you say, 'Come and talk with me.' And my heart responds, 'Lord, I am coming.'"
Psalm 27:8