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Well, I finally made it!

Sketch Afternoon Tea Review

For years, I've been wanting to go to Sketch and try out their afternoon tea. But if you didn't already know, their afternoon tea is pretty pricey and you'll find yourself forking out £60 minimum per person for it. 
But, Nathan and I's 2 year anniversary arrived, and we've decided we want to spend our anniversaries experiencing something together. 
One of my favourite British things to do as I've mentioned before is experiencing afternoon tea. Why this isn't a huge thing in America, I do not know. 
So let me take you through the experience.

We arrived, and got seated at our table. There was an orchestra playing so beautifully which added to the experience immediately! They offered us some tea, and I went for the tropical tea. They have smelling testers for you to see which one you'd like to drink if you're unsure. They have super cute tableware as well!

The whole room is pink with some very interesting and comedic paintings, and it's such a gorgeous room.
We had a waiter come by in a super fun costume, and offer us our starters which was caviar and quail egg, and I can't describe to you how DELISH this was! I didn't even take a picture of it. 

Next up, was the afternoon tea. There was a Croque D'York (my fave), various other salty nibbles and sweet nibbles like marshmallows and marzipan. 

Now I gotta tell you, this is the only thing that doesn't give them a 10/10 for this afternoon tea. Most of the food was absolutely amazing (the Croque D'york THO! SO good! and the scones YUM), but I'd say there were some sweet nibbles that could've been improved like the marshmallow (I'm also not a fan of marzipan so Nathan had mine haha!), and I was very confused by this supposed chocolate tart that tasted very much like mushroom and onions (lol!). There was probably a couple more things that could've been improved on as well, but this is the only thing I'd mark them down for.

The afternoon tea was basically like a 3-course meal because once we finished, we had DESSERT after that feast! It was a victoria sponge cake and it was very creamy. I probably would've liked a bit more strawberry in it, but again, still delightful.

It was a wonderful 3-course meal, and of course their bathrooms were super funky and fun, and the all around atmosphere with the orchestra was so lovely!
I will give this one a 9/10. I will re-evaluate all of my afternoon tea experiences within the next year or two and combine it all in one blog post so I can give you my new ratings based on experiences. In this case, after trying Sketch, I would bump the Sanderson down to an 8/10 because it didn't have as many courses, funky bathrooms, or an orchestra (still amazing though!). 
So keep an eye out and I'll keep rating these afternoon teas for you!

Nat xx

John 6:29, "Jesus told them, 'this is the only work God wants from you: believe in the one He has sent." 
I love this passage because it means that I don't have to do anything to earn God's love. He ALREADY loves me! All He wants is for us to believe in Him - that's all that He asks. How gorgeous is that?! He's not a God who seeks to punish, but a God who loves you and seeks to bless you. 

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