Pink Places in London: Kentish Town

Pink places in London are back again! 

So, if you haven't noticed, I love pink. 
As I previously mentioned in my last post, I have been a lover of pink all my life, and now I love that the world loves it too. If I were a colour, it would most certainly be pink.
Anyways, so also like I mentioned in my last post, I'm now here to bring you some Kentish Town pink goodness... alongside some more Camden pink goodness. I kinda have just broken these blog posts down into two parts really. I also have included some more yummy hot chocolates for all your seasonal cravings. I will totally be doing a roundup in a few weeks of all of my favourite hot chocolates!

So, here we begin with Leverton Street. It is so colourful and filled with so many pink walls and houses! This has got to be my favourite street in London now.

Also, this crazy gorgeous jewelry is from Gemholic. I've been searching for beautiful jewelry all around that's minimalistic but stands out enough, and Gemholic are my absolute fave!

This jacket of dreams is from Primark as well as the top. My jeans are from Pull&Bear and my shoes are from New Look :)

Isn't it just gorgeous?!
So just before we came down this road, we stopped at Ruby Violet for some hot chocolate. Cutest set of mugs and saucers and all the works. We went for the short and intense, but actually, this is more if you're a fan of darker chocolate. We got some milk on the side, and it really added to the taste! I'm a massive milk chocolate fan. And how cute are these biscuits?! 

Moving on to a different day with more pink and more hot chocolates, I give you Camden. The lovely Jess and I went to Regents Park for some autumnal photos (which you of course must have during autumn) and then head back up to get some hot chocolate at Chin Chin labs. That marshmallow is gorgeous! The first time I had it, I had so much of it I felt sick, but the second time I had it, my stomach was a lot more used to it ;) It is so yummy!

And then we move on to Bonny Street, near Camden Road station. Here you will find a lot of different coloured houses, but I'm especially fond of the pink one :)
I'm totally in love with this top from Hillsong's Colour Sisterhood that says, "Choose Empathy". 
Our world today is broken and hurting and is seeking empathy and I believe that we must always choose empathy. We must always choose to love others. 

Anyways, that's about it for now. I know there are a couple of other streets in Camden that are supes pink, so maybe in the New Year I'll be back there again. But for now, stay tuned for lots of Christmassy posts!

Nat xx

Proverbs 16:24, "Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

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