Pink Places in London: Kensington + Knightsbridge

If you're anything like me, you see some people's pictures and you're like, "where is this place?! I NEED to go!"...

So, ladies and gentleman (mostly ladies I'm assuming).. may I present to you:

A Guide to London's Pink Places
*choir sings*
Throughout the year, I'm going to be sharing with you London's most pink places. I always see bloggers post pictures at some places and I'm like, WHERE IS THIS, I NEED TO GO! 
So, I've developed a little guide for all you fellow pink lovers. I will also do a guide to London's most Instagrammable places, so be on the watch out for that. 
So, let's begin with:
South Kensington

I found this little wall as I was passing by Princes Gates Mews, and boy was it adorable! It's actually a house, but it's got the lovelies brick pink wall. 

This little gem is also down Princes Gate Mews (this mews is three streets that are parallel to each other) it's so beautiful in real life, I just want a garage like that so I can take pictures there all the time. 

Walking on a little further, you will be greeted with Enismore Garden Mews. Cute little pink houses down there.

And finally, go to Montpelier Walk, and you will find "The Pink House". Super cute!

If you've got time, head to Knightsbridge, about a ten minute walk, and find yourself at Trevor Square. This is number fourteen. There's also some cute ones with black doors and marble floors in Trevor Square if you're not looking for just pink places. I'll post some of that some other day!

Hope this helps you all be a little bit more full of pink in life! 
More coming soon.

Love you all,
Nat xx

Psalms 55:22 - "Give your burdens to the LORD, and He will take care of you." 


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Loved this post! Thanks so much xo

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