The Pink Bachelorette

The big day approaches, and so my friends threw me my own bachelorette, surrounded by lots of pink..

Ah hello again! Man it's been busy! I've missed blogging. But I wouldn't have changed this time at all. 
As the big day approaches, my bridesmaids threw me a bachelorette party.
We started off at The Tea Terrace on Oxford Street, a place filled with lots of pink chairs and cute things.
I'm sure if you've seen my Instagram, you know I just can't resist pink.

I had been wanting some afternoon tea for a while, and so the night began! 

Yummy sandwiches, and yummy scones! I just want scones again!

Just the way the cream melted on the crispy dough, and the jam sweetly sat on top was just delicious.

Cute salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of teapots, and cute glasses, reminding me of an older time in history. 
And so the time passed with food and laughter with my favourite girls.

We also played 21 questions, where Nathan had answered questions about me and I had to guess them. A super fun game, of which I forfeited a few times and had to do some wacky things. 
Laughter spread the whole time!

And so we decided to take a few photos before half the group left, with wonderful t-shirts made by Nathan's friend over at Dead Color Designs. They rocked!

We then made our way back to where I will be moving into, but not without having to do my forfeits. 
Those of which included: 
Ask a stranger for their autograph
Hug a bald man
Direct traffic
Get someone to take a selfie with you on their camera
Freestyle dance in public for 20 seconds

All these were hilarious and I was super nervous before doing them, but after I did them it was incredible! Going out of my comfort zone is frightening but amazing and I believe I should do it more often.

So we finished off the night with fun and games and lots of yummy treats and a sleepover.

I  totally felt like I wanted to do a quick update before the big day, totally missed blogging.
Thank you Chantelle, Naomi, and Joyce for planning my lovely hen party. 
You guys are the best!
I'll be back on shortly with wonderful details and recommendations.

Love you all,

Matthew 11:28-30



nice work.. i just follow your blog. Greetings from Greece <3

Drew Watts

So fun!!! It looks like a fun bachelorette party!! I love these photographs. My sister’s bridesmaid is also planning to host a funky themed party for her. We haven’t decided venue yet but this party will be held at some outdoor LA venues.

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