Valentine's Day Gift Guides

Still don't know what to buy for your otter half? (I can't resist puns)

Well I've got all your ideas right here!

Now, let's start with the men, shall we ladies?

They've got one in brown and rose gold as well. Super nice!
For all the places he's been and that you will go to together.
Because why not?! Useful and stylish. Check and check!
Now this is a DING DING DING winner!! I bought this for my fiancé, Nathan, for his birthday and he loved it! He'll get to choose between Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other cars!
Nathan also loves this because it keeps his phone and wallet in one!
However, if you prefer an actual wallet, this Ted Baker one is classy.
Similar to the World Scratch Map, but this one you can have descriptions of where you went together.
Because chocolate is amazing.
This looks super cool, especially if he enjoys beer!
I think I'm sensing a theme here.. I just thought these were super cool. You can have whatever place you pick on your cufflinks - home, dream, or where you two met! So cool.

Alright men, now this is my Valentines gift list for the ladies. Maybe alongside a bouquet of flowers?

What girl doesn't love some good Ladurée macarons? 
If you're not sure on all these fragrances, let me tell you my personal favourites:
Pure Seduction, Coconut Passion, Mango Temptation, Passion Struck, and Love Spell.
You can mix and match them and there's an offer running on their website. Hurry hurry!
Now THIS one is something I'm totally aching to do! The Afternoon Tea Bus Tour is exactly what it says it is and it's all around Central London. It looks incredible! If you're not from around London, how about you get her something similar? An experience such as Afternoon Tea at her favourite place, a massage, or a cupcake decorating class?
What girl isn't crazy about Tiffany's? 
As you may well know, us women are very soppy and emotional and we are so totally in love with stuff like this! She may totally melt.
This just looks super cute in that modern font, and it's just a great addition to her decor and candles. So cute!
I'm totally into cheesy puns. This is a super cute way of incorporating some cheesiness into your Valentine's day. If you don't want these specifically, why don't you get her box of cupcakes or box of fresh cookies? YUM DELISH.
Because mugs are awesome.
Another cheesy one, but let's face it, it's actually such a cute necklace! I'm TOTALLY ready for summer now, and this would just add perfectly to most summer clothes!
These are mega cute and minimal, you can get it personalised or there's a variety of other bracelets. This is one of my faves, made by one of my own personal friends, and she donates some of the money to A21 to support the end of human trafficking. If you order now, you can get 15% off your Valentine's orders using the code LOVE16. Yay discounts! Don't we love them!

Now, finally, top it off with an amazing card!

Punny ones are amazing!
2. Otter
So adorable and rustic! Love.
Here we are again with the personalised maps but hey, they're cool okay!
Probably the cheesiest one you'll find.
Uh, SO cool! Scratch off card in pink and gold, count me in.
Now this could potentially be among my all time favourites. 
These girls at More than Gold Designs make incredible cards and they come in the cutest packaging!
Don't ever miss out on one of these.

Alright that's it for now peeps!
Hope this helps you know what you're getting for that special someone in your life. 

Love you all,

John 14:1
"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me."


The Heba

OMG an afternoon tea bus tour??!?!?! I think that's something that I'm going to have to do the next time I'm there!

Heba xx || The Heba

Carol and Vero

Great tips! :) I especially liked the tea bus!!


Super cute ideas! x

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