Breakfast in the Sky

So I wanted to watch the sunrise from the Sky Garden..

We arrived at just after 7am, when the city was just awaking from its dewy sleep.

We went to take our seats on one of the couches, the Sky Garden aesthetic at the moment is so me!

Such a great view of the Shard and the wonderful city before us.

Nathan grabbed a coffee, while I waited for the croissants to come out.

We eventually made it up to the Darwin Brasserie to get ourselves some food.

We had the lovely pastry and bread basket and a couple of orange juices. We spread the melting butter over the lovely pastries and toast, and it was a wonderful way to see the city wake up.
Unfortunately it was quite cloudy, so the sun only broke through a few times. But it was so amazing to see London wake up and make its way to work.

We then headed out to explore some of the Sky Garden, and take cheeky outfit photos.

Turtleneck, scarf, and tights are actually all from Primark!
They're doing so well now.
The skort is from New Look, boots are from Camden market, and the belt is Victor Hugo.
The watch is also Michael Kors.

I took a look over the wonderful buzzing city before me. 

.. covered in rain.

It's still such a beauty.
I decided I'd take a look through the lens.

You can literally see people walking and going about their lives. So interesting!
I took the camera away from my wonderful photographer/fiancĂ© and thought I'd snap one of him ;) 

We continued to take a look around and through the Sky Garden, which is decked out with beautiful views and plants.

A lovely way to start the morning indeed!
If you work from home, or if you just wish to get some time high up in the sky, I totally recommend it here.
So beautiful!

Anyways, how was your week? 
What's your favourite roof or high-up restaurant?

Love you all,

1 John 5:14-15



Ohhh how amazing, I totally need to visit here next time I'm in London!

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Beautiful photos! I would love to visit here the next time I'm in London. Angharad x

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