Northern Ireland, You Green Beauty

So, recently I went to Northern Ireland and what a beauty it was!

We went to visit Nathan's parents in Northern Ireland, and I had heard wonderful things about the place, so he took me around to show me. 

One of the first places we went to was the Glenariff Forest Park. 

We parked up, and walked in on someone preparing for a wedding over the river (so adorable!). 
We began to make our way up the footpath and I was already stunned by how beautiful it was!

I love waterfalls, I feel so tumblr. haha.

It felt like one of those Tumblr or Instagram pictures you see.

After that, we went on ahead to Kilbane Head to see the ruins. 

They wanted to climb to the top and my altitude-hating and height-fear kicked in and I protested against it. However, they wouldn't leaf me alone (I'm sorry, I had to use a pun) and helped me to conquer my fear. 

This wasn't even half of the cliff, it was so high! But thankfully, Nathan helped me up and I was so happy to have conquered my fear of heights (not for once and for all, but just enough for now). If it had been sunny, I can't imagine how stunning the view over the ruins would be.

We then went on to Dunluce Castle. Also over the water, but I didn't have to do much climbing there, phew!

We also went to Northern Ireland's smallest church, Gobban church, and it was adorable. 

We finished off by going to a nice little seaside town and riding some rides at the fun fair. However, I didn't get any really great pictures, but there will be a next time!

The next day, we headed out to Newcastle beach. All it needed was some palm trees (and a little sun), and it would've reminded me of Rio. The mountain feels a lot bigger and closer to the beach in real life, which gives it that tropical feeling (if one can feel that in Ireland, haha.)

Nathan's previous home church was having a barbecue up that mountain, in the Tollymore Forest Park (where Game of Thrones was actually filmed!). 

I just love this castle-like structure. So European! 

What an adventure Northern Ireland was! We will be heading up soon, and we will be going to Giant's Causeway and other sites as well, so excited!

Love you all,

Mark 13:31

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